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Cheer In A Vase


I love flowers. Have I told you that? I often feel like Monet who said, ” I perhaps owe becoming a painter to flowers.” Yes, indeed. So many ways to depict them, so many mediums to choose from for the color, joy, and shapes of flowers.

In my previous post, I shared the LINE version of this particular bouquet…here’s  a photograph of the actual bouquet:


As you can see, I do not attempt to put every little detail into the drawings/paintings. Some artists enjoy that. I prefer to “suggest” what’s there, to express the profusion of color and cheer.


When you choose to work without line, then you’re having to rely on shapes of color and value as well as expressive brushwork to capture the floral bouquet. I love working both ways.

***I have now added the above painting as well as the last two florals in my Etsy Shop for sale. I will add others this week as I share more floral depictions of hope and beauty. The great thing about these paintings is that they are done on 9″x12″ acid-free paper, perfect for framing in a ready-made frame. I suggest the kind with a mat built in. Matting your paintings gives breathing space between the painting and the molding. It also really sets off the image.

***I hope you find a little beauty strewn across your path today.


Celebration Bouquet


On June 25th, my husband and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary. I have two versions of this gorgeous bouquet he sent me. This one is in LINE and then watercolor added in. Many of you who have followed me here for some time know how much I love line! One of the many reasons I love line is that it becomes a structure for me to hang the watercolor on…very loose and free! Tomorrow I’ll share with you the NON-LINE version. I love painting that way too!

May this artful bouquet bring you a spot of joy this day! Thank you for visiting!

**BTW…my favorite drawing tool at the moment is a Sharpie pen! An artist friend of mine gave it to me along with an awesome watercolor sketchbook for me to fill as I recuperated. I’ll take a pic or draw it for you…I think you’d love to draw with it too!

***Oh, and an update for you on my health. I had surgery on June 4th as a follow-up to what happened to me a year or so ago. Without going into all the details, it was pretty major surgery. Healing has been slow going. But I see improvements every day. I’m so very grateful for all my friends and family near and far who have supported me in these difficult weeks. I can say though, that I feel like I’m turning a corner as I am feeling much better just these last two days. All of these flowers I’m sharing with you have been evidence of beauty in the midst of pain.




A dear, longtime friend of mine came to visit with me this week. We are both going through a rough patch it seems, though our situations are very different from one another. She told me a story of how she’s been going on walks in her neighborhood where there’s a swath of overgrown weeds along the hard-to-find path. This overgrown area felt to her like a picture of her life right now: everything out of control, none of it making sense or seeming to have any order. One day when she was particularly distressed, she saw a lone flower-weed growing in the weedy chaos. It seemed to be there just for her, a reminder from her Father that He is there in the midst of the bedlam, and that beauty can be found even here. She picked the lone flower taking it home to put in a vase.

The next day on her walk, totally engrossed in her thoughts of the difficulty she is enduring, there it was again! Another lone flower, different from the one the day before. Amazed and touched by this, she picked it again, to take home to her vase so she could have evidence all day long of God’s faithfulness to her.

This has continued to happen each day this week. Simple flowers growing in the midst of chaos, lovely reminders of God’s presence with her.

It made me think of all the beautiful flower arrangements I’ve been receiving over the last 6 weeks. They came while I was in the hospital, they came to me at home. Profusions of color and growth to cheer me and give me hope. They certainly have done so!! And I’ve been painting them, drawing them, trying different methods, but always with watercolor. No pressure to perform, just recording the beauties that have been sent to make recuperating from surgery a little less painful.

I’m going to share with you, one each day, these floral works here on Drawn2Life. A few of them I will offer for sale in my Etsy Shop, in case you’d like to “pick” that bouquet for your very own. But if you don’t, my hope is that as you view them, you might be encouraged and given a glimmer of hope, as I have, for whatever situation you find yourself in.

The above bouquet was not sent to me, but rather gathered by my oldest daughter from our own back yard in one of the weeks following surgery. I had this lovely blue Mason jar into which we arranged the Shasta Daisies, Black-Eyed Susans and various other pretties I don’t know the  name of. The background of this painting/drawing did not work for me at all. So I went back into it with acrylics and some collage. It’s always fun to switch up the materials you typically work with.

**The older I get and the more “rough patches” I go through, I’m increasingly convinced that there are little beauties somewhere along the path. I am certain this is no coincidence. They are lovingly given by friends, family and by God himself to lead us along, to cheer us, to give us encouragement to not give up, so that instead of merely enduring, we might truly THRIVE.


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Fresh Start


Have you ever wanted to take a new path for a while?

Have you ever wanted a fresh new page in your sketchbook? Or perhaps an entirely new sketchbook designated to a particular subject matter?

This is what’s been brewing in my creative mind and heart lately.

Change comes ever so slowly sometimes.

Flashes, glimpses of something new, something different come across the landscape of our minds. We aren’t sure where they are coming from, why they’re there, nor what we are to do about them.

But then it becomes clearer, little by little.

A new adventure.

Or perhaps revisiting an old one.

A new blog.

Drawings…yes. Writing…yes.  But with a focus on knitterly things.

You can read my thoughts about this new blog titled Knitterly Arts here!

There’s even a brief but fun Artist Statement here.

I’d love for you to “follow” me there! I may be on this adventure for quite some time.

I am still so very Drawn 2 Life! But yarny things have captured my attention and are drawing me there lately.

Come join the fun!

And let your friends know too!;)


I’m Off…


I’m off to draw and knit at will

Where life will lead, my days to fill.

A week, a month, I cannot say

I’m going into the field to play.


There are yarns to knit and lines to draw…

…weaving them in a bouquet to enthrall

as I scurry about the rough hewn path;

amid the wild flowers I’ll run and laugh.


For too much “must-do” is simply too much.

So I’m off of Facebook, this blog and such.

But if you’d like to see where I am,

You can follow me over on Instagram.


Life is full! We live it just once.

Take a break, pare down, find the essence.

Off the grid and out in the field

See your life beautiful, a bounty to yield.


April 21, 2014


Meet Mortimer & Millicent

A love story in pictures…

















There are times when you just have to make them. You don’t understand why.

You’re not going to give them to anyone. You want them for yourself.

You know it will take time. A lot of time.

But you just don’t care, ’cause you swooned when you saw this book.

And in and among all the wonderful patterns in that book was a mouse the authors had named Magnus.

There was also a doll named Hippie. And you noticed that the bodies for each of these were knitted quite the same.

So you set about to make a boy and a girl mouse, tweaking ever so slightly the shape of the “snout”.

You also wanted them larger than what was called for in the book, so you chose Worsted Weight Patons Wool to knit their bodies.

Then you chose some lovely cottons to knit up their clothes (all patterns in the book).

Their personalities came out with each stitch.

You relished seeing them come to life.

Even Lucy, your cat, welcomed them with a kiss.

You laughed with delight as you photographed them in your back yard.

And you thought…this is good…they were meant to be.

Just because.

Mortimer & Millicent wish you a very Happy Easter!!

And so do I!

Title of book: Knit & Crochet in the Garden by Arne & Carlos


Collage Eggs Need A Nest

Here’s how it happened:

I’m in Blowing Rock walking the streets with my mom, pressing our noses to the windows. We see these awesome, cool eggs that have been collaged with torn papers.

“Let’s make them…”

That very day we bought plastic easter eggs and glued small pieces of papers onto them in her studio in Boone.


Got home to Kernersville and felt that the eggs needed a nest.

Thought I’d try these glue-yarn bowls/nests I’d seen online somewhere. When I put them in the garage to dry (yarn is dipped in glue and draped over a balloon) I thought they were a fail. They just didn’t seem like they would be stiff enough to hold anything.


So Lucy (my cat) helped me knit these nests with a strand of small wire held along with the yarn. (I thought the wire would help the nest keep it’s shape:).


Love these!


And Macy and her friends like them too!

Then a few days later…

…I happened to be in the garage and I saw those yarn thingys all dried and hardened.



Oh! They did work!


And now I need to make more collaged eggs!

*Seems like I visit the whole eggs-in-a-nest thing every Spring: like here.


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