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Collage Eggs Need A Nest


Here’s how it happened:

I’m in Blowing Rock walking the streets with my mom, pressing our noses to the windows. We see these awesome, cool eggs that have been collaged with torn papers.

“Let’s make them…”

That very day we bought plastic easter eggs and glued small pieces of papers onto them in her studio in Boone.


Got home to Kernersville and felt that the eggs needed a nest.

Thought I’d try these glue-yarn bowls/nests I’d seen online somewhere. When I put them in the garage to dry (yarn is dipped in glue and draped over a balloon) I thought they were a fail. They just didn’t seem like they would be stiff enough to hold anything.


So Lucy (my cat) helped me knit these nests with a strand of small wire held along with the yarn. (I thought the wire would help the nest keep it’s shape:).


Love these!


And Macy and her friends like them too!

Then a few days later…

…I happened to be in the garage and I saw those yarn thingys all dried and hardened.



Oh! They did work!


And now I need to make more collaged eggs!

*Seems like I visit the whole eggs-in-a-nest thing every Spring: like here.

Author: jenpedwards

I love drawcumenting my days, splashing on some watercolor, knitting up things to wear, and crocheting in-between! It's all Life, and it's all good!

10 thoughts on “Collage Eggs Need A Nest

  1. Those eggs are beautiful , they are set off well in your baskets

  2. Jennifer, These are just great. My 6 year old granddaughter is staying w/us for a few days and this will be one of our projects for tomorrow. Your timing is PERFECT ! Thanks so much and Happy Easter.

  3. It sounds like a great idea both the eggs and the baskets. I bet your knitted ones would have worked even without the wire. Love your chickens hovering around them too. Just whose eggs are they anyway?

  4. They look amazing… I especially love the photo nest with the birdies all peering in🙂

  5. Love these!!!!! I just happen to have a pack of eggs outside. I might just try this collage idea! So colorful!

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