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Meet Mortimer & Millicent


A love story in pictures…

















There are times when you just have to make them. You don’t understand why.

You’re not going to give them to anyone. You want them for yourself.

You know it will take time. A lot of time.

But you just don’t care, ’cause you swooned when you saw this book.

And in and among all the wonderful patterns in that book was a mouse the authors had named Magnus.

There was also a doll named Hippie. And you noticed that the bodies for each of these were knitted quite the same.

So you set about to make a boy and a girl mouse, tweaking ever so slightly the shape of the “snout”.

You also wanted them larger than what was called for in the book, so you chose Worsted Weight Patons Wool to knit their bodies.

Then you chose some lovely cottons to knit up their clothes (all patterns in the book).

Their personalities came out with each stitch.

You relished seeing them come to life.

Even Lucy, your cat, welcomed them with a kiss.

You laughed with delight as you photographed them in your back yard.

And you thought…this is good…they were meant to be.

Just because.

Mortimer & Millicent wish you a very Happy Easter!!

And so do I!

Title of book: Knit & Crochet in the Garden by Arne & Carlos

Author: jenpedwards

I love drawcumenting my days, splashing on some watercolor, knitting up things to wear, and crocheting in-between! It's all Life, and it's all good!

5 thoughts on “Meet Mortimer & Millicent

  1. Oh my goodness, that is the most delightful post. They are like characters from a picture book, brought to life. I can see they’ll be having some adventures.

  2. Love this. You never cease to amaze me.

    Happy Easter to you and family.

  3. They certainly reflect Christ’s love and joy!

  4. Thanks for the smiles with breakfast, so cute! – Sharon

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