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Fresh Start

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Have you ever wanted to take a new path for a while?

Have you ever wanted a fresh new page in your sketchbook? Or perhaps an entirely new sketchbook designated to a particular subject matter?

This is what’s been brewing in my creative mind and heart lately.

Change comes ever so slowly sometimes.

Flashes, glimpses of something new, something different come across the landscape of our minds. We aren’t sure where they are coming from, why they’re there, nor what we are to do about them.

But then it becomes clearer, little by little.

A new adventure.

Or perhaps revisiting an old one.

A new blog.

Drawings…yes. Writing…yes.  But with a focus on knitterly things.

You can read my thoughts about this new blog titled Knitterly Arts here!

There’s even a brief but fun Artist Statement here.

I’d love for you to “follow” me there! I may be on this adventure for quite some time.

I am still so very Drawn 2 Life! But yarny things have captured my attention and are drawing me there lately.

Come join the fun!

And let your friends know too!;)

Author: jenpedwards

I love drawcumenting my days, splashing on some watercolor, knitting up things to wear, and crocheting in-between! It's all Life, and it's all good!

One thought on “Fresh Start

  1. I’ll be there!

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